About US


C-MACC is a new company with an old (and some would say, lost) mandate – to provide the chemical industry and sector investors with value-added analysis, advice and consulting services on a consistent basis. The beauty of the chemical industry lies with its complexity and ever-changing environment. Recognizing this, C-MACC utilizes a proprietary process that melds decades of global chemical industry experience, detailed fundamental analysis, extensive field research and innovative analytics to provide our clients research products and services, and strategic consulting offerings. Our main objective is to enable informed decisions for our clients and to do so in a timely and cost effective manner.

Proven Success


Our skill set is unique. The bedrock of our market analysis and consulting offering stems from the founders’ 50 plus years of combined experience in and around the chemical industry and nearly 25 years of combined stock research experience focused within the chemical sector. Our industry relationship list is extensive. During the past decade, we have actively covered every major publicly-traded chemical company in North America and many in Europe in addition to many other industrial, energy, and material industries. Most major investment management firms in North America and Europe and many in the Middle East and Asia have used our research product and services. Our bespoke work during this period for chemical and related companies is also broad, as it has targeted investor relations, public relations, M&A due diligence and execution, corporate strategy (audit and overhaul), new project appraisal, Chapter 11 based restructurings and crisis management. We have worked for the largest companies (public and private) and for start-ups and in most geographies.


A Team Of Professionals

Cooley May

Founder: Managing Partner

Cooley most recently served as Managing Director and Sector Head of US Basic Materials and Industrials Equity Research at Macquarie while he also worked as a senior analyst directly covering the chemical and agriculture sectors.

Graham Copley

Founder: CFO

Graham has spent 40 years in and around the chemical sector and associated industries, and his depth of experience and breadth of industry and geographic experience qualifies him for a wide spectrum of consulting and other advisory roles.


What We Do Best

Industry Sub-Sector Coverage

╸ Petrochemicals & Polymers
╸ Chlor-Alkali
╸ Polyurethanes
╸ Intermediates & Derivatives
╸ Paints, Adhesives & Coatings
╸ Agricultural Chemicals
╸ Industrial Gases
╸ NGLs & Other Feedstocks​​​​​​​
╸ Water

Subject Matter Coverage

╸ Product Pricing & Profitability
╸ Industry News Flow Commentary
╸ Fundamental Forecasts
╸ Corporate Strategy Reviews
╸ Investor Relations Consulting
╸ Thematic Research & Services
╸ Regulation & Litigation Analysis
╸ Product Channel Checks

Daily & Weekly Reports

Cooley May manages the daily and weekly research product offerings. These global research products are designed to enable clients to stay in the know on an array of pertinent chemical industry issues. Our daily and weekly research examines relevant news/events and price/profit trends with conclusions ultimately being drawn at the company level.

Thematic & Bespoke Work

Graham Copley manages this side of the business. Our monthly thematic research products target medium and long term industry controversies (broad and narrow). Graham also leads the bespoke/consulting product offering at C-MACC, which is broad in nature but proven to add value to clients in many critical areas given our qualifications and prior experiences.